"Do it with passion or not at all.”



Marketing guru.  As a corporate professional in a high stress environment with demanding hours, Christie needed something for herself, outside of the office. She stumbled on TiGER Athletics and initially began attending classes to “get in shape” – transform her physical appearance. She immediately fell in love with TIGER’s unique take on a traditional Barre class and her enthusiasm and passion for all that TIGER offers grew from there. What she received in return was profoundly more than just happiness with her physical transformation. She immediately saw not only physical, but also mental and productivity success and improvement, both in the studio and at her office. Christie’s corporate background, coupled with her energy for TIGER and all that is offered on the training menu, quickly meshed and she began collaborating with Stacie to create new customized programs for TIGER Athletics. Her experience with TIGER has led her to believe that accountability is key in order for individuals with hectic and busy lives to commit, and be successful, in a new health and fitness regime.