Optimize your fat burn for 48 hours post-class. It's called metabolic resistance training - it's your perception of circuit --- only reborn and redesigned. Get ready for a power hour with multiple trainers, multiple stations, working multiple muscles. This ultimate total-body-workout will keep your heart pumping, calories burning and will be forcing you to guess what's next. You will want to give more, but there will be nothing left. Optimize your fat burn. We got your back.

FIT HIIT is the junior version of our Signature FIT Class. This is High Intense Interval Training done our way, the safe way. It's a combination of strength, conditioning and cardiovascular endurance. Designed in short "anaerobic workout blocks" followed by short periods of rest - hitting specific areas of the body at once giving you the GAMECHANGER you've been looking for and you leave feeling refreshed and wanting more. This class gives you the "after-burn effect" (also called EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). Translation: your fat burn is accelerated for the next 38 hours. Who doesn't want that?!

Expect to experience the trifecta of what we do best all in ONE quick-paced, high-energy class combining cardio, core and strength. The breakdown: 20 min cardio (ride + fly) + 20 min core + 30 min strength + 5 min stretching = 75 min of high-energy, calorie-blasting, sweat-dripping class.....ONE YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS. No two classes will be the same. All levels welcome. Limited spots. Are you ready to play?

Maximize it. This 30 min express is created to shred the arms + abs by using compound movement patterns to maximize your training time AND calorie burn in a light heated environment. Each segment is 3 movement patterns, 3+ muscle groups, 3 rounds. Arm segment targets on bi's, tri's, shoulders, while incorporation lower body to increase overall heart rate. Core segment focuses on multiple planes of motion and using full body for the best results. Expect to sweat. All levels welcome.